GMSA Super Bond

GMSA Super Glue
December 8, 2016
GMSA epoxy steel
December 8, 2016
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GMSA Super Bond


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GMSA Super Bond – a multipurpose adhesive, which is an essential need of all factories specially shoe industry, furniture industry, automotive industry and building industry; beside the need of commercial people and all household.

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Product Description Packing P.No.
Economy Tube 10 Units Box/ 10 Box Carton 60
Box Master Carton
Medium Tube 10 Units Box/ 10 Box Carton
60 Box Mater Carton
Large Tube 10 Units Box/ 10 Box Carton GSB-225
Small Tin 36 Units Carton GSB-275
Large Tin 12 Units Carton GSB-280
Gallon 04 Units Carton GSB-285


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